Frequent changes in the regulatory framework and dynamics of the volatile services industry requires security and IT systems that enable adaptability, optimization, realignment, consolidation on a continuous basis. With our vast experience in studying security challenges, current and futuristic needs, organizational efficiency and effectiveness, regulatory obligations of financial institutions, we offer a wide spectrum of solutions and services respective of industry domain that make a definite business impact.

We assist financial services evolve unique solutions specific to their needs and environment, and do away with existing implementations that are generic, ineffective, compromising, rigid and expensive.

Cyber Stone works with its clients to make the right technology investments by bringing leading edge insight, experienced professionals, and a rigorous process to every project. We have accumulated the best practices for the respective industries. Our consultants are knowledgeable of the markets and environment in respective industries and provide the best services trough their extensive experience:

Defence and Security

Petrol Chemical

Oil and Gas

Telecom and Media




Financial Services

Health Care