Cyber Stone’s ICS or SCADA Security Consulting Practice is known for its impact. Our clients have dramatic improvement in their security posture after working with Cyber Stone. We focus on increasing security rather than perfection, and we have developed proven methodologies for both the enterprise and industrial control systems (ICS).

We have worked in most sectors that rely on ICS such as electric, pipeline, refinery, water and wastewater, food and beverage, mining, chemical manufacturing, building management, … Our clients do not want their names posted on a web site, but they are willing references for other members of their industry sector.

Cyber Stone has experience and a knowledge base that is unique in the industry. Not only do we have some of the top experts in IT security, but we have also performed many engagements in oil pipeline, water distribution and management, electric transmission and generation and a variety of other critical infrastructure control systems.

Our first SCADA security assessment was in 2010, and this client is still using our services for advanced ICS security projects in 2016. We are very proud of many of our ICS security clients who we have been working with for years. They have gone from very vulnerable control systems with little security to an appropriate high level of security. These clients have addressed vulnerabilities, deployed a best practice security architecture, developed, implemented and audited security policies, created a CIRT and even used the security lessons learned and procedures in RFP’s for new systems.

Once Cyber Stone accepts a new client we will do whatever type of engagement the client requires to deploy and maintain a secure, robust and effective ICS.

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