Over the past several decades, information security teams and product development groups have focused on creating technologies to detect and limit an attacker’s ability to enter your network. From perimeter defenses to host-based controls, from malware sandboxes to mobile device management, our profession has focused on upgrading technology to limit malicious activity. Though valuable and able to stop some of the inbound attacks, technological solutions will never be perfect, leaving the users on your network at risk. Today, over 90% of security breaches can be attributed to a simple human error, There has been little, effective effort to change users’ behavior, making them easy targets

Protect sensitive information of your Network, such as intellectual property, personally identifiable information (PII). Cyber Stone will turn on your employees into a security resource.

Our Security Awareness Framework conditions your staff to be vigilant and resilient, making it simple for them to identify and report suspicious activities. This enables response teams to act on that attack intelligence in a timely manner, utilizing interactive education so that security becomes everyone’s responsibility.

Makes users aware of their responsibilities, helping to align end user behavior with corporate security policy.

Cyber Stone will logs meaningful activities for detailed reporting, analytics, and behavior of each employee - will provide monthly report - will provide a set of meaningful KPIs, providing insight for management to measure the effectiveness of security program.

security awareness


Targeted emails covering below examples of generic security best practices.

security classification

When creating, confidential document indicate the security classification and treat documents accordingly

security awareness email

Store confidential information in sharepoint. Maintain access rights, and share by emailing the link

security awareness password

Use strong Pin/ Passwords. And keep them personal and safe. Use different passwords for business and personal purpose.

security awareness comment

Be careful with publishing information on social media. Your information might be misused. Only publish company information approval.

security awareness wifi

Only use WiFi hotspots from reputable provider and ensure you set up a VPN connection

security suspicious emails

Do not open suspicious (phishing) emails or attachments.don not click links in social media messages from unknown people.

unsecure flash drive

Do not save information on memory sticks unencrypted and do not store information permanently on them

confidential discussion

Do not discuss confidential information in public spaces when you can be overheard.

consumer internet service

Do not use consumer internet services (such as dropbox) to store company data. Unless expertly approved it.

leave workpace

Do not leave your laptop or smartphone with company data unattended


Platform for accessing Awareness materials, integrated to Customer ERP

Tracking and measuring user knowledge after completing trainings

Develop Awareness materials to provide specific user training on Customer security policies and specific security requirements

General Security Best Practices

How to report Security breaches

May include other topics like fire drills, Bomb threats, Emergency site evacuation plans.

Data protection

Document classification


Cyber Stone Marketing Campaign help the employees to understand the importance of security and the risks.

Marketing Campaign Example:

Create an understanding of security within the organization

Encourage the employees to be more cautious while doing there day to day tasks

To make the life for CMA employees easier, efficient and more secured detection

The initial scope of work, which we understand is to create the Security communication campaign which includes:

Developing an overall campaign implementation strategy

Developing a unique slogan for the campaign

Developing a unique visual style for the campaign

Creating a set of e-mailer visuals that can be dispatched to all employees.

Creating digital branding which is to be used throughout the building.

Creating videos on security threads

Creating a program for " the securest employee of the month"

Providing options for giveaways for employees.

As well as other initiatives that will be decided upon the meeting with Customer and site visit of the building.


This phase will form the starting point of the project – during which a full implementation plan will be developed for the campaign. The following will be conducted during this phase:

Definition of campaign aims, timing and measures of Success

Strategic messaging

Channel evaluation and recommendations

Desired outcomes and Key Performance Indicator definition

Recommendations on additional channels

Development of a tactical activity plan based


This phase will set out to create a unique visual style for the campaign that will and drives employees to take notice. During this phase we will:

Develop main and overall campaign messaging

Create a kit of visual parts for the campaign – color palette, imagery, icons, and illustration style and typography usage. This will form the backbone of the campaign

We will then apply this visual style to a range of applications to provide you with an idea of how they will work in application


During this phase, the approved visual style will then be rolled out across a range of predefined channels including the:

Blow the line material

Email shoots

Digital Visuals

Info graphics videos