About Us

Cyber Stone is an international IT consulting, advisory and technologies services organization headquartered in Riyadh, providing services across industries in North and South America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Our services include cybersecurity and information security, risk assessment, incident response, management consulting, business automation, IT Strategy, IT Infrastructure, Business Risk and Business Strategy in the private and public sectors Cyber Stone has the combined talent to reduce your security risks, make your organization more resilient, deliver assessment reports and recommendations. We’ll work tirelessly on your behalf. We believe that integrity and stellar customer service are the foundation for long-term relationships. To that, we add empathy, humility, and a commitment to giving back to our community.

cyber security and business consulting

who we are

Utilizing our highly skilled team we have been providing world-class consulting experience to systematically reduce your organizational risk while also helping you leverage technology as a competitive advantage. We have always been trusted advisors to our clients both current and prior, and we look forward to being there for you. We have built a best-in-class ecosystem and unique integration of proprietary technologies and workflows offering cost-effective solutions for the public and commercial sectors.

what we do

Cyberstone offers a comprehensive portfolio of consulting services, addressing high-impact strategic issues and solving operational problems at every stage of the value chain, identifying and executing innovative ways to transform complexities into true competitive advantages At the core of our offer are two key services: Consultancy and Operation. To support our customer, we’ve developed skills and techniques that deliver real-world results.

cyber security & business consulting