Incident and Access Management

Incident and Access Management

Identity and Access Management is one of the most important components of an organization's security infrastructure.

We implement, deploy and operate an integrated, end-to-end identity management solution that automates user account creation, lifecycle management, user authentication and single sign-on. Our Identity and access management services address:

Cyber Stone Senior security consultant provide

  • Set policies and standards
  • Guide IAM architecture
  • Align IAM initiatives to business processes
  • Monitor controls and regulatory compliance to required standards.
  • Define access controls necessary for application usage and data access
  • Decide how best to use the IAM infrastructure tools for overall business success.
  • Role Management
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Web and enterprise Single Sign-On
  • Managed Public Key Infrastructure Certificate Program for device, user and mobile authentication

We provide IAM professional services using industry-leading IAM product like Sail point and Oracle solutions