Network Security

Cyberstone offers several network security solutions to face different threats and lower the risk.

network security

Next-Generation Firewall solutions

The Legacy Firewalls block threats using IP addresses and ports using a stateful inspection. The Next GenerationFirewall applies policies based on applications and users (interface with Microsoft Active Directory). Furthermore, they can decrypt SSL.

Next-Generation Threat Protection Platform

The Next Threat Solutions were born to face the APT, that are modern stealthy, targeted and persistent attacks. The APTs often exploit zero-day vulnerabilities and are used by well-funded syndicates. These new threats exploit gaps not covered by traditional network security, through web-based attacks, spear-phishing emails, malicious files. The Next Threat Solutions analyze suspicious web pages and scripts, documents, active code through a detonation against a range of browsers, plug-ins, applications, and operating environments looking for malicious activities in a virtual proprietary environment.

Other Network Security Solutions

We offer firewall, VPN (ssl, ipsec, etc.), IPS, IDS, SIEM, web application firewall, url filtering solutions.