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security awareness

Over the past several decades, information security teams and product development groups have focused on creating technologies to detect and limit an attacker’s ability to enter your network. From perimeter defences to host-based controls, from malware sandboxes to mobile device management, our profession has focused on upgrading technology to limit malicious activity. Though valuable and able to stop some of the inbound attacks, technological solutions will never be perfect, leaving the users on your network at risk. Today, over 90% of security breaches can be attributed to a simple human error, There has been little, effective effort to change users’ behaviour, making them easy targets

Protect sensitive information of your Network, such as intellectual property, personally identifiable information (PII). Cyber Stone will turn on your employees into a security resource.

Our Security Awareness Framework conditions your staff to be vigilant and resilient, making it simple for them to identify and report suspicious activities. This enables response teams to act on that attack intelligence on time, utilizing interactive education so that security becomes everyone’s responsibility.

Makes users aware of their responsibilities, helping to align end-user behaviour with corporate security policy.

Cyber Stone will logs meaningful activities for detailed reporting, analytics, and behaviour of each employee - will provide a monthly report - will provide a set of meaningful KPIs, providing insight for management to measure the effectiveness of security program.

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